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The excellent location of the ATM Business Center - within the city, 6 km from the center, close to main roads and 600 meters to the Metro station "Metropolitan" is beneficial in terms of transport links and communications.

In commercial buildings ATM Business Center houses 76 companies with diverse activities.
The office building has a medical center, night restaurant, hotel with spa and pool, hair salon, bank, dentist, 3 buffet, snack, fruit and vegetable, 3 conference rooms.

Company ATM Business Center has a 8000 m2 office space for rent. The building has 8 floors, rooms with an area of 15 to 60 square meters Prices are per square meter and range from 8 to 10 lev depending on the location of the offices.
Each office is air-conditioned, central heating, wired internet, telephone and security of HOUSE.

Housed companies with major activities such as:

  • E-marketing consulting, on-line strategies and web design
  • Prepress
  • Production of seals boards
  • Firms technical measurement
  • Firms maintenance of cash registers
  • Production of transformers
  • Saturation of SMD
  • Powder coating
  • Carpentry workshop and other

The company has a parking lot for 140 cars and a covered parking for 50 cars and car wash.